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In today's dynamic technological landscape, fostering collaboration among the minority technology industry is paramount to creating a sustainable and thriving innovation ecosystem. Through networking and events, the industry can unite under a common goal, leveraging their collective expertise and resources to bolster entrepreneurial activities.

The Council Exchange Board of Trade (CEBOT) plays a crucial role in representing the robust minority tech industry, working with a mission to develop ambitious and measurable targets. By focusing on near-term outcome-oriented strategies, CEBOT aims to enhance opportunities for both Public and Private contracting, facilitating greater access to capital and resources for minority tech entrepreneurs.

This collaborative effort will not only empower diverse voices within the tech community but also fuel groundbreaking innovations that have the potential to shape the future of technology on a global scale. to increase Public and Private contracting opportunities.

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Inaugural Annual Event

Recording of EventAugust 10, 2023   9:00am - 11:00am EST

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Council Exchange Board of Trade (CEBOT)

As a 501(c)(6) trade association, CEBOT serves the common business interest of the 65,000 U.S. minority technology businesses, a $110 Billion industry sector that now employs over 550,000 worldwide.

In Cooperation WIth

International Trade Administration (ITA)

ITA, an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce, is mission driven to create prosperity by strengthening the international competitiveness of U.S. industry, promoting trade and investment, and ensuring fair trade and compliance with trade laws and agreements.

2023 International Minority Tech Export Event

2023 Program Guide

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CEBOT works to...

  • Utilize new capital resources and industry access to support contractor team arrangements and joint ventures.
  • Support a national governing system to support CEBOT members pursue, compete and win larger federal, state, local and commercial contracts
  • Intermediate partnerships for public sector enterprise infrastructure and broadband dollars.
  • Carry out the purpose of CEBOT, to serve the common economic interest of the minority tech industry.

Proactive Employer Engagement and Mobilization for Good

Membership includes an opportunity to participate in committee and community discussions regarding supply chain enhancement and student/citizen training in high growth jobs like cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, data science, blockchain, broadband and energy related fields.

Council Exchange Board of Trade

Design Based Applied Community & Governance Research

Looking Forward Research & Development

Innovation in Motion is part of an industry focused, design based, applied research framework that studies how best systems connect and improve in public good ecosystems. Workforce systems are best envisioned with stakeholders including employers. Industry allows for multiple businesses and community partners, all sharing in the outcomes.

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Council Exchange Board of Trade

America's Community Collaboration Platform (ACCP)

Innovation in Motion

CEBOT is a 501c6 trade association that serves the +65,000 U.S. Minority Technology Companies employing over 500,000 worldwide.  CEBOT's vision of collaboration ensures an increase in community access to workforce opportunities and resources. We accomplish this by utilizing growth algorithms to increase community economic capacity and education relevance through industry led public-private partnerships and research based cooperative agreements.

ACCP brings together industry, government, academia, service providers and community to digitally create a path towards economic mobility and self-sufficiency for targeted participants across the United States.

Innovation in Motion is part of an industry focused, design based, applied research framework that studies how best systems connect and improve in public good ecosystems. Workforce systems are best envisioned with stakeholders including employers.

Building a Nation of Producers

America's economy converges and grows when industry, government and community partners work together and agree to joint profitable and sustainable economic outcomes.

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The Council Exchange Board of Trade (CEBOT) researches and facilitates data driven contract related teaming and
human capital development.

CEBOT innovation includes internal procurement management and governance
systems, connecting the minority technology industry with public/private sector service delivery partners.

Building Trusted Networks


65,000 Minority Technology Companies

The Council Exchange Board of Trade (CEBOT) brings a rich history of advocacy and procurement policy guidance within the federal policy ecosystem.  The $100 Billion Minority Technology Industry is a source of jobs to over 500,000 professionals both in the United States and abroad.  CEBOT  brings applied research & development to growth algorithms that catalyze regional innovation ecosystems, stimulating economic development and uplifting minority business and community.  CEBOT leadership and Senior Fellows bring new capabilities, investment and research capacity to the minority technology industry and to the stakeholders they serve.




Engagement requires value and produces consensus when process is key.  Governance gives rise to planned growth both individually and throughout the ecosystem.

Growth rises when not stifled by moral hazard.   CEBOT algorithms facilitate a deliberate system of principles to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes.

Innovation liberates possibilities, improves systems and can transform bureaucracies into managed serviced/resource based functions.   

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Council Exchange Board of Trade
Rights, Privileges and Member Protection

Privacy Policy

Terms of Service (TOS)

Refund Policy

Member benefits and the rights of the 501c6 that represents them are an important step to combining our joint will to serve and protect our interests..

Protecting your private information is our priority.

Our intent is to create exceptional value exchange between our members and the Council

The Council Exchange Board of Trade is organized as a 501(c)6 Trade Association.  

DC Office: 1629 K St. NW, Suite 300, Washington D.C. 20006

Call 8:00am to 5:00pm(EST) Monday - Friday at 202-600-7828

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